I’m coming to visit miss insatiable, you better be ready for me….

August 17, 2015

I awoke to the sound of my phone receiving a message…

“I’m coming to visit Wednesday and Thursday of next week. I want you to start using the butt plug. You know whats coming….”

I froze. I hadn’t seen him in forever, much less used the butt plug in months. I’m not sure if I’m ready for this.

“Eek. I don’t know, I haven’t done this for a while” was my response.

“That’s why you should start this weekend miss insatiable.”
Immediately I start pouting.

“You always give me the pouty face when I instruct this task upon you, but once you begin you are all smiles.”

“No way!” I demand.
Its been a long time since we’ve played, shit its been over a year since I’ve even had any serious play, I’m a little scared.

“I’m glad your a little scared” I could just hear the pleasure in his response. “I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve missed you and want to continue the exploration we started together all the way back in that hotel years ago.”

“Mmmm. That hotel was lovely. I definitely enjoyed those floggers.” I began to daydream of our past experiences, being gagged, flogged and teased for the first time. “You should be sure to coax me out of my shell from now until Wednesday to prepare me for whats to come.”

“I can’t wait to stick my fingers in your tight pussy and rub my cock across your face miss insatiable. Straighten you out. Give you the seeing to you clearly need….You know you need a good seeing to don’t you? You are being all bratty.”

“Meh, not really” was my bratty little response.

“And when I’ve gone to town on your ass, flogged and spanked and its burning, and your all worked up, you’re going to need my cock to satiate your eager pussy to quench that fire. Otherwise you’ll be all worked up and bothered with no release. Now I want you to go spend the rest of the day thinking about all the positions I will put you in. All the delicious ways I will torment you and work you up. Visualize those for the rest of the day.”

“As you wish”

“Thank you, and don’t forget to use the plug miss insatiable! I will be in touch shortly.”

I did what I was told…kind of. I thought of our past experiences and tried to imagine what predicaments he would get me into this time. But I didn’t use the plug. I didn’t want to. I never want to when he tells me to.

I went to sleep and awoke the next morning with a different mindset. I was ready. I searched my house for the do me now plug (its small so I thought it would be the perfect plug to begin with) but couldn’t find it. Hmmm. I wonder where I left that thing. I then decided to go straight to my favorite plug, the beautiful silver njoy. Since I hadn’t used a butt plug in months I figured it would be best to put it in andwpid-wp-1439923302426.jpg wear it for as long as I could. I got on all fours, facing away from the mirror. I rested my head on the floor and was able to look behind me while I inserted the plug. I took a few deep breaths, placed the plug against my rosebud, and watched as my tight little ass slowly sucked u
p the plug. I was surprised by the ease of insertion.Once in, I pulled my pants up and started doing chores around the house.

After about 30 minutes I couldn’t take it anymore. The plug in my ass was really starting to get me all hot and bothered. I sat down on the couch for a minute to settle down, but found I couldn’t help but rub my fingers against my clit. By now I was dripping wet, longing for more. I walked to my room and rummaged thru my bag of toys. I pulled out my Hitachi and the biggest dildo I have, with how wet I was I knew that thing would easily slide right in.

I laid on my bed and propped myself up with some pillows, legs spread wide open facing the mirror, and I watched as the dildo slid into my remaining empty hole with ease. About halfway in it hesitated for a moment and I took a deep breath. I turned on the hitachi and placed it at the base of the dildo. The combination of being double stuffed and the vibrations on the dildo and butt plug sent me over the edge so quick. I was screaming with delight in no time. I pulled the dildo out but didn’t want the orgasms to end. It was too fast, so I placed the hitachi at my clit and turned it on low (I wanted to try to prolong the next orgasm) but low wasn’t low enough and had me squirming in no time. I cried out in delight and, legs shaking, out of breath I laid back, basking in pleasure a few moments before I moved my hands between my legs and pulled out the plug. I laid back again thinking of Him. Grateful he instructed me to continue my anal training. Anxious for his arrival.


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