Dear Sir,

As requested last night I’m writing to inform you upon the completion of my required task.

This morning I awoke eager to begin. I was not as afraid of the large plug like I was last time. I have used the smaller plug a few times in the last few months, but as you suggested previously, I would soon find that it was not enough. So with your direction I felt the courage to try the larger plug again.

I decided to play on the computer for a while and hope that my roommate would leave so that I may have my house to myself. Luckily he left pretty quickly and I could begin to prepare for my training. I set up my bed as you told me to do last time, grabbing the liquid silk, laying down a towel and plugging in the hitachi wand, but this time I decided to pull out my clover clamps and also a small vibrator that I bought from tantus. I placed condoms on all the toys to make for easier clean up and took a few deep breaths.

I was already quite wet from anticipation of the task at hand. I decided last night the best time to fulfill your request would be this morning, so I basically woke up in anticipation and setting everything up only heightened my arousal. I picked up the large butt plug and stared at it for a few moments trying to build up confidence before noticing again how large it was in my hand, which set me aback for a step. I did not falter long however, and grabbed the lube and coated the plug nicely.

I laid back on my bed, but was still in a bit of a sitting position because I piled my pillows high for a back rest. I started to gently rub the plug along my bottom lubricating the hole and getting the feel of it. After a few moments I added a little bit more lube and decided it was time. Once in position again, I gently put pressure while ever so slightly moving it around. After a few moments I could feel my ass begin to take the plug. I remembered exactly how you told me to do it last time and could almost hear you telling me, “ok now take a deep breath and slowly exhale relaxing your body as much as you can in the process.”

The first few centimeters was simple, felt good, and wanted to continue in, however, as you know the diameter increases very quickly and all of a sudden I found myself at a stopping point. Then I remembered how you suggested vibration to help slightly numb and open me up easier so I tried to flip on the bullet that was inserted in the butt plug. It didn’t turn on. Hmmm. I’ve only used it once, thats odd, guess I need new batteries. Good thing I prepared myself and grabbed the wand. I put the wand against the end of the plug and turned it to low.

I reveled in the pleasure that I immediately began to feel. After letting the vibrations relax me for a few moments I decided to try again and began gently pushing on the plug so that the largest part of it would hopefully slide right it. Taking another deep breath and slowly exhaling, again I gently pushed the plug slightly further into my ass. It wasn’t long before I opened up enough to make it past the hump and then the remainder easily slide right in.

I thought, that was really easy this time. I mean not so simple as an immediate insertion, however, it was nothing compared to how long it took the last time.

I switched off the vibrator and decided I wanted to get up and see what it felt like to walk around with it in. The base was the most awkward part since it was so large, but the feel of the plug inside of me while walking was a pretty cool new sensation. I walked to my wall mirror and bent over so that I could look at myself in the mirror for a few moments before returning to my bed.

Once in bed I thought that it would be a good idea to take some pics, so I tried my best to get a good picture. This was a lot harder than I thought. I tried standing, laying, bent over, on my hands and knees, anything I could think of that would allow me to maneuver my short arms behind my body far enough away so that I could snap a good pic. After playing with the camera for a bit it was time to continue on with my fun. I laid back down and picked up the nipple clamps, carefully placing each one before picking up the vibrator. I inserted the vibrator and turned it on, instantly enjoying the combination of the plug and the vibrator both inside me.

I placed the chain to the clover clamps in my mouth so that at the perfect moment I could bend my head back and tighten the pull on my nipples as I was about to cum… It was not long before I was breathing heavy and moaning from the pleasure! I thought that you may like it even more if I intensified my sensations so I placed the hitachi wand at the base of the butt plug again and turned it on low. The new intense vibrations almost put me over the edge immediately but I held back slightly so that I may feel these wonderful sensations for just a little bit longer. I couldn’t hold off long tho and within moments I was exploding in pure ecstasy. Fuck, I must admit, it was intense!

Almost immediately I pulled out the vibrator but kept the plug in and the vibrations still on it. I turned up the speed and within moments I was cumming all over again. I let out a few moans and thought of you and how it would have been cute if I were to of texted you moments before I came asking your permission, however, I decided against it, for if you had not answered back immediately, there would have been no stopping this orgasm.

I turned off the wand and placed it beside me. Unclasped the clamps from my nipples and then took a few deep breaths. Time to take out the plug. Hmmm. But it was ok. My ass was relaxed enough that it didn’t fight much with me when I tried to take out the plug. I just remembered how you instructed me last time and tried to do exactly as you said. Once out I wiped my hands and grabbed my phone. Exactly thirty minutes.

I’ve attached some of my favorite pics so that you may bare witness to the proceedings of this morning. I hope you enjoyed my morning as much as I did! (even tho I don’t think that would be possible). As always I look forward to further instruction.

On my knees for you,

miss insatiable