I awoke to the sound of my phone receiving a message…

“I’m coming to visit Wednesday and Thursday of next week. I want you to start using the butt plug. You know whats coming….”

I froze. I hadn’t seen him in forever, much less used the butt plug in months. I’m not sure if I’m ready for this.

“Eek. I don’t know, I haven’t done this for a while” was my response.

“That’s why you should start this weekend miss insatiable.”
Immediately I start pouting.

“You always give me the pouty face when I instruct this task upon you, but once you begin you are all smiles.”

“No way!” I demand.
Its been a long time since we’ve played, shit its been over a year since I’ve even had any serious play, I’m a little scared.

“I’m glad your a little scared” I could just hear the pleasure in his response. “I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve missed you and want to continue the exploration we started together all the way back in that hotel years ago.”

“Mmmm. That hotel was lovely. I definitely enjoyed those floggers.” I began to daydream of our past experiences, being gagged, flogged and teased for the first time. “You should be sure to coax me out of my shell from now until Wednesday to prepare me for whats to come.”

“I can’t wait to stick my fingers in your tight pussy and rub my cock across your face miss insatiable. Straighten you out. Give you the seeing to you clearly need….You know you need a good seeing to don’t you? You are being all bratty.”

“Meh, not really” was my bratty little response.

“And when I’ve gone to town on your ass, flogged and spanked and its burning, and your all worked up, you’re going to need my cock to satiate your eager pussy to quench that fire. Otherwise you’ll be all worked up and bothered with no release. Now I want you to go spend the rest of the day thinking about all the positions I will put you in. All the delicious ways I will torment you and work you up. Visualize those for the rest of the day.”

“As you wish”

“Thank you, and don’t forget to use the plug miss insatiable! I will be in touch shortly.”

I did what I was told…kind of. I thought of our past experiences and tried to imagine what predicaments he would get me into this time. But I didn’t use the plug. I didn’t want to. I never want to when he tells me to.

I went to sleep and awoke the next morning with a different mindset. I was ready. I searched my house for the do me now plug (its small so I thought it would be the perfect plug to begin with) but couldn’t find it. Hmmm. I wonder where I left that thing. I then decided to go straight to my favorite plug, the beautiful silver njoy. Since I hadn’t used a butt plug in months I figured it would be best to put it in andwpid-wp-1439923302426.jpg wear it for as long as I could. I got on all fours, facing away from the mirror. I rested my head on the floor and was able to look behind me while I inserted the plug. I took a few deep breaths, placed the plug against my rosebud, and watched as my tight little ass slowly sucked u
p the plug. I was surprised by the ease of insertion.Once in, I pulled my pants up and started doing chores around the house.

After about 30 minutes I couldn’t take it anymore. The plug in my ass was really starting to get me all hot and bothered. I sat down on the couch for a minute to settle down, but found I couldn’t help but rub my fingers against my clit. By now I was dripping wet, longing for more. I walked to my room and rummaged thru my bag of toys. I pulled out my Hitachi and the biggest dildo I have, with how wet I was I knew that thing would easily slide right in.

I laid on my bed and propped myself up with some pillows, legs spread wide open facing the mirror, and I watched as the dildo slid into my remaining empty hole with ease. About halfway in it hesitated for a moment and I took a deep breath. I turned on the hitachi and placed it at the base of the dildo. The combination of being double stuffed and the vibrations on the dildo and butt plug sent me over the edge so quick. I was screaming with delight in no time. I pulled the dildo out but didn’t want the orgasms to end. It was too fast, so I placed the hitachi at my clit and turned it on low (I wanted to try to prolong the next orgasm) but low wasn’t low enough and had me squirming in no time. I cried out in delight and, legs shaking, out of breath I laid back, basking in pleasure a few moments before I moved my hands between my legs and pulled out the plug. I laid back again thinking of Him. Grateful he instructed me to continue my anal training. Anxious for his arrival.


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And by the way…I’ve just updated it! My latest adventure has now been added to ‘For His Viewing Pleasure’.

I’m feeling in a particularly disciplinary mood right now. Do you need disciplining miss insatiable? Have you been a bad girl?

Mmmm.. I love it when he asks me that. Yes Sir.

I bet you’ve not kept up with your butt plug training either. I need you to get that plug back in your ass tonight miss insatiable, and send me snapchat photos.

I had been avoiding using the butt plug for the last five months. Hmph. I haven’t used it since I saw you last. I’m a little bit scared.

Well maybe you should be a little scared. But think about the time I fucked you in your ass. Think about the moment you felt me unload my hot cum into your ass. The feeling of my cock pumping your ass. You were scared, but you also came, right?

I closed my eyes and thought back to when he took my ass for the first time. Yes Sir. Your cock felt real nice in my ass.

I want your ass to always be ready for me, or maybe someone else you might meet. Plus ass training will keep you from being bratty. I know you are getting bratty too and we need to deal with that.

It was true, I have seemed to be a little bratty recently. I wanted to refuse the instruction, but I knew that I must obey. First thing that came to minnd when you sent your direction was “I don’t want to” but I decided to mind my manners instead of talk back.

Yes, you are getting very bratty. We need to correct that. Especially as my instruction here is good for you.

Indeed. I definitely am in need of a little correction. I had to agree with him, he was right.

I expect to see photographic proof of your correction.

Hmmm. I will do as I’m told. :/ (even though I don’t want to, I thought)

When might I expect this task to be complete ms insatiable?

I’m out running errands at the moment and still need to eat, so maybe after dinner. Hopefully by then I’ll of settled and be more in the right mood. You could always entertain me to speed up that process.

I could do that.

I finally settled down for the night and it was time to do as I was told. I put a towel on the bed and opened my bag of toys. I grabbed out my butt plug, a vibrator, my hitachi magic wand, my bottle of liquid silk and a few condoms for easy cleanup.

I laid them all neatly on the towel and sent a picture to Him. Just as I was plugging in the hitachi and putting the condoms on my toys, my phone rang. I looked at the phone and saw that it was Him. My heart began to speed up. I didn’t know that I would get assistance for this training session. I smiled and happily answered the phone, I thought I was to do it alone.

He began straight away. “You’ve laid a towel and and setup everything up just as I taught you correct?”

Yes Sir.”

Good girl” mmmm. I love it when he calls me that.

I want you to take the butt plug and put lots of lube on it. Lay down on your back, feet flat on the bed and spread your knees.”

I did as I was told. Not saying a word, waiting for my next instruction. “Now take the butt plug and rub it gently around your tight little rosebud.”

I was a bit nervous, but I focused on his voice and relaxed in his soothing tone. “Now gently start putting pressure on your hole miss insatiable.”

Doing as I was told, I began to take a slow deep breaths. He continued coaxing me a soothing my nerves as I continued to put pressure. After a few moments I let out a moan and he new that the plug was in.

Good, now I want you to grab ahold of the plug and slowly start moving it in and out.” I sighed, and he knew he needed to continue coaxing me. “Come on now miss insatiable, just think back to when I had entered your ass for the first time. Remember how you enjoyed me pumping into your ass as I pinned you down on the bed. Just imagine that its me filling your ass once again.”

I slowly started moving it in and out of my ass, never completely taking it out. I began moaning, eyes shut, focusing on his voice as though he was here with me.

Now does your bed lean up against a wall by chance?” He asked. I wonder why he wanted to know this, “Yes Sir.”

I want you to position yourself in such a way so that the butt plug is up against the wall. Get on all fours and back yourself up onto the wall. I want you to fuck yourself against the wall.”

I did as I was told and couldn’t help but moan in pure delight. “Good girl, I want you backing up against that wall hard and fast.” I sped up the pace as he instructed me faster. I started to break out into a sweat, breathing deeply and moaning uncontrollably I began begging him to cum. He told me I was not to cum yet.

I whimpered a bit but did as I was told. I continued to beg and plead all the while pounding my ass up against the wall. I was out of breath, exhausted and shaking in pleasure.

Please Sir, please may I cum.”

Yes miss insatiable. You may cum now.” Just as he said that I let a few moans out as I was pushed over the edge. I collapsed to the bed, shaking, spent.

You need some practice.

October 4, 2013

“You need some practice” he said as I tried to catch my breath. I was covered in spit and my makeup was running down my face so badly that my mascara had gotten in my eye and everything was a bit blurry. He had put me in a few different positions trying to find which would allow his cock to slide deep down my throat. Each time I failed he would grab hold of my head and forcefully show me how it fit.

He pushed me back and crawled on top of me. I was ecstatic to be under him. He slowly slid his cock inside of me and let out a moan. I grabbed hold of his back tightly and he mumbled “You don’t even deserve this. You’ve been so bad today.” He positioned my legs so that they were straight against his body and up hugging his neck. He sped his pace and thrusting his cock deep inside me.

He reached around my leg and grabbed my nipple squeezing it tightly. I moaned and gripped my nails into his back as he continued to plow into me. I was so worked up from being around him and the spanking I had just received that it didn’t take long at all before I needed to cum. He looked down at me and knew I was about to go over the edge when I heard him say “You are not allowed to cum until I say you are.” What? Is that even possible I thought. How am I gonna stop this? I’m about to explode right now!

“Oh Please” I moaned.

“No. Not yet.” He sped up his pace. I held on to him tight and yelled out “Oh god” I don’t know how long I can hold off… “Please” I begged again.

“No!” He looked down at me, letting go of my nipple he smacked my face it a few times “I said not yet.”

I couldn’t help it I had to cum. “Please Sir.” and I looked up at him begging to cum and he knew I couldn’t wait any longer.
“You may cum now” The words showered over me as my body started convulsing. He continued thrusting into me and each time he pulled away my legs quivered around his neck.
“I should not have let you cum. You didn’t deserve it. You don’t even deserve this fucking. You’ve been such a brat today and you did an amateur job of sucking my cock.”

I shut my eyes and turned my head. “I’m no where close to cumming. I still have a long ways to go” he said and I still didn’t look at him.

He pulled out of me and stood up. Get on your hands and knees. I quickly obeyed and he grabbed my hair and shoved his cock back down my throat. I looked up at him as he held my head as far onto his cock as I could go.

“Don’t breath” he growled as I choked on his cock.


I’m your little ass slut…

September 17, 2013

He reached over to his side table and I watched nervously as he pulled out a towel, a condom and some lube. He told me to get off the bed and then laid down the towel. He instructed me to get onto all fours on top of the towel and I quickly centered myself on the towel. My heart began pounding as he knelt behind me and grabbed my ass. I looked back at him and he pushed my head into the bed so that now only my ass was in the air. I squeezed my eyes shut, breathing deeply I worried about what was about to happen. I had never been fucked in the ass before and I was scared.

He had been preparing me for months for this. An ongoing task that he had established was using my butt plug twice a week. In the beginning I was scared and only used it when he coaxed me. I got reprimanded for not following directions and had to report back to him to ensure I was obeying. After a while I stopped being scared and started looking forward to my training sessions.

“Grab your ass and hold it open” He had the lube over my ass and began squirting it down my hole. This made me even more nervous. He had been teasing me since I got there about how he was gonna take my anal virginity after dinner that evening. Each time I fought back and told him I was too scared and didn’t know if I could and here I am now, almost immediately, with my ass in the air about to get fucked.

He instructed me back up on all fours and he caressed my backside as he slowly positioned himself behind me. He was very gentle with me. I took a few deep breaths and began to calm down a little. I melted back towards him as he continued to sooth me. “Your lucky I’m being nice to you right now even tho you don’t deserve it. Tonight you won’t be so lucky!” He whispered as he moved a little deeper inside me. He pulled me back gently and I whimpered a little. After a few moments he slowly began to move in and out. I took a deep breath each time he moved to try to calm my nerves. After a little while I realized that the sensation I was feeling was not that bad. It was actually a quite enjoyable I thought.

He must have felt when I realized this because he began moving faster. He had loosened me up so gently that by now I was ready for him. I accepted his cock graciously as he thrust deeper inside my ass. His rhythm got faster and harder, but he was still at a pretty gentle pace. I let out a moan from the pleasure I was experiencing and he leaned over me and whispered in my ear “Weren’t you just telling me that you weren’t ready for this?” I moaned again as he quickened his pace.

He continued on at this steady pace not to gentle, not to rough, for a while as I began to loose myself in the sensation. I was brought back to reality by his voice “I want you to lay down flat on the bed with your legs straight behind you. Be sure that you keep my cock in your ass at all times.” I struggled a little trying to flatten out straight without losing him but eventually maneuvered into position keeping his cock inside me the whole time.

He laid down flat on top of me and began thrusting again. This time he did not start slow. I could feel his knees as he used my calves as leverage for more thrusting power. Smushing me into the bed, he wrapped his arm around my neck and applied a little pressure. Not cutting off my air completely just making it harder for me to breath. God I love this position I thought as he no longer was using me nicely….and I was loving every moment of it.

Say I’m a little ass slut” He commanded as he pounded into me even harder. I repeated his words and he continued “who likes it in my dirty butt.” I quickly echoed his words. “Say it again he commanded.”

I’m your little ass slut, who likes it in my dirty butt.”


Details Please….

August 28, 2013

He had told me he was going out with a girl he’d been talking to for a couple weeks on the internet, so when I woke up the next day and I wanted details.


So how was last night?
I had the pleasure of being fucked by a super hot (model material) 24 yr old 2 nights ago. Mmmmm. He was yummy. If only he was kinky. :/


He responded quickly…


well, i met her at a local restaurant in Oakland she suggested. She was wearing a beautiful black, slightly gothy dress with geeky (but hot) thick rimmed glasses and a little bow in her cropped blonde hair.

We had a very vanilla-like dinner “date” as the restaurant was very dense and our conversation could be heard by others. She works in tech, funnily enough, and was very mature and well spoken for a 23yo. We finished dinner and she suggested I go back with her to her place.

I bought my toy bag with me and so once we were in her place I had her strip naked and show herself to me. I made her spread her legs, show me her asshole, etc. I then pulled her tits and squeezed her breasts and pulled her hair – just to get her into the mood.

After a long, hot spanking session of bruising her ass, thighs and shoulder blades things progressed to her bedroom. I took my time to paddle, flog and cane her – on all fours and tied up with the spreader bar. I took particular care to degrade and her remind her what a slut she was for having some guy she just met off the internet do this to her.

By now she was very worked up and I suggested she show me what she does on webcam for guys (she’s a cam girl). She used her dildo and her hitachi and she was on the edge within about 30 minutes. I refused to give her permission and then finally after she begged I allowed her. She gushed all over her bed and almost passed out it was so hard.

After she recovered I spent more time flogging, beating and degrading her until I decided it was time to put the gas mask on. She wanted to take it to the very edge and almost passed out twice. I also spent time my boot on her chest while she was lying down on her back with the mask on – so she could only breathe a little. It made her very dizzy.

Finally, it was time for throat fucking. I made her go down on my cock and massage my head with the back of her throat. It feel so good. She had beaten her gag reflex and she gave me a long, slow, deep throat fucking. She created a lot of saliva which I wiped over her face and had messed up her make-up by now. I also spat repeatedly on her face which she enjoyed greatly. After a long, long throat fucking session I ordered her to sit on my cock and do the work.

She came 3 more times, gushing each time – including one time when she gushed for quite some time and created a real mess. I made her lick up the mess which had covered my cock and balls, and then she jumped back on me to bring me to orgasm. We both came very very hard and she almost passed out.

After resting and chatting about stuff I decided to fuck her again, this time in that position where she lies on her tummy and I lie on top of her flat and fuck her while pinning her down. She came many many times again in this position and we fucked for quite some time while I verbally humiliated and degraded her and also choked her and cut off her blood supply in her neck to her brain. I finally came again after quite a long session. We spent the rest of the evening chatting and fucking until I decided I needed to get home – it was now 2:30am (we met up at 6pm, got to her place around 8pm and spent the next 6hrs fucking and playing).

All in all she came over 20 times, squirted at least 6-8 times and I came 4 times. She’d never cum more than 4 or 5 times in one night before and she hadn’t been properly fucked for over 4 months she said.

She’s a keeper.

Tell me more about your model friend!

Wow. That was an intense evening I thought and fantasized for a bit wishing that he had been fucking me instead of her.

mmm. it sounds like you had a way better time than I did. I was just a little jealous previously and now I’m quite envious of her.

My story is short and uneventful really. My friend came into town and we went out for dinner, then headed back to the spot he is staying at, where I meet his super delicious friend. After my friend fell asleep, me and this hotty stayed up for hours talking about the silliest things like machines taking over the world and how all the gods could quite possibly be aliens. At about 6am we decided it was time for bed and he led me to his room.

Once in bed we started kissing and soon after a bit I was begging for him to grab a condom (there was absolutely no way that I was going to turn down this super hotty). He was built like a fucking statue. Not big, but super defined. He started out slowly in missionary position and then after a few minutes he grabbed my legs, wrapped them around his neck and started pounding into me. He had a huge cock and I was put over the edge quite quickly.

He slowed his pace a bit and let my legs fall, grabbed my face/chin firmly with one hand and teased me with a few kisses only not allowing me to kiss him back (I was very turned on by this). He then flipped me over and entered me again in my favorite position, face shoved into a pillow trying to muffle my moans as he began fucking me from behind. At this moment I started wishing he was kinky, because when I’m in this position I prefer someone to either be pulling my hair or choking me or both.

After a while he pulled out of me and laid on his back. I rolled over and snuggled up next to him for a few minutes before scooting down. I grabbed his cock and and licked it from base to tip and teased the tip a little before wrapping my lips around it. I then continued to suck him off until he came. I debated telling him I prefer if he would face fuck me, but after our little romp where he did all the work I decided that it would be nice of me to finish the job instead of making him.

We then snuggled up and I fell asleep cradling his balls with my fingers wrapped around the base of his cock. It was a lovely time, but also reminded me of how I truly prefer a Dominant man.

I was still on my knees in between his legs, powerless, he was holding my nipples so tight they were starting to hurt quite a bit. He gazed down at me and smirked “Why am I doing all the work? Grab your own nipples.” I quickly obeyed. He checked his phone and I watched adoringly as he tried to determine if we could sneak in one quick play session before his meeting. “Now pull on them… Harder!” He grabbed my arms and pulled them away from my body, I was very close to him and he was not satisfied with the stretch. “Lean back” I slowly leaned back but feeling the pull on my nipples made me I lean forward again. “Stop disobeying me, I said lean back.”

He was holding my arms while I was holding my nipples and when I tried leaning back again my right hand lost its grip, I giggled a little bit because I almost fell backwards which only pissed him off even more. He grabbed my chin and jerked my face so that I was looking up at him. “Do you think this is funny? Stop laughing.” He growled as he smacked me across the face four or five times. I was shocked. He never had smacked me in the face before. When he let go of my chin I melted back so that I was resting on my feet. I no longer had a smile on my face. I looked up at him with puppy dog eyes.

Turn around on all fours facing away from me.” He directed. I obeyed and wondered what was next. I had pissed him off royally now and was starting to get scared. After a few moments he got up and walked to his closet. I could only see him out of the corner of my eye and dared not turn my head. He returned and I could see something in his hand. Just as soon as I realized that it was his black leather paddle I felt the sting. I smiled from the sensation.

After quite a few good swats he disappeared and then returned with the flogger. He showed me and I couldn’t help but radiate happiness. I absolutely love how he feels when he uses the flogger. He began and after a few moments I started giggling. There seems to be a certain point where the blows sting so much that it triggers a laughing sensation in me. I can’t help it. I don’t mean to laugh, its not funny, it just happens. This makes X mad. He stops. “Stand up.” I do as directed. Nervous. “Take off all your clothes.”

I unzip my skirt and let it fall to the floor. Stepping out of it I begin undoing my corset. Immediately I’m reprimanded for leaving my skirt on the floor and he directs me to fold them nicely and place them on the chair. I slowly take off my high heels followed by my thigh high fishnet stockings. “Hurry up, whats taking you so long?” He grumbles and I pick up the pace. Once everything is off he directs me onto the bed and then stands at the base. “Take off my pants” I quickly unbutton his pants and pull down his underwear. He hands me the condom and I put it in my mouth. Grabbing hold of his cock, I wrap my lips around his head and slowly take in as much of him as I can. He isn’t satisfied with how far I go so he grabs my head and shoves his cock further down my throat causing me to gag.

I pull away, steady myself and then try again. This time I start slow and lick his cock from base to tip a few times before sticking it back in my mouth. The second it was in he grabbed hold of my hair and began thrusting his cock powerfully. He slowed down a little for me to catch my breath and told me to take it all in. I tried a few times gagging and falling back each time. 

“Your not very good at this” he mumbled and pushed me away.



I stayed at a hotel the first night I was in town and woke up knowing that today would be the last day I could say I’ve never had anal. He has been training me for months so that my ass would graciously accept his cock, but I was still a bit frightened. I decided to use my butt plug one more time so that I would be ready for him that afternoon.

I put a towel down on the bed, grabbed the lube and butt plug and took off all my clothes. My idea was that I was going to wear the butt plug around while I wandered the city for a couple hours to ensure I was nice and prepared for him. I inserted the plug and turned it on. Oooh the vibrations felt good.

I got dressed and put on my makeup all the while wondering how I was going to wander around with this huge plug in my ass. I was starting to get very horny by just walking around the hotel room, but I had made up my mind. I was going out with it in! The room was quite and I could hear the buzzing and wondered if anyone else would notice it too.

I circled the room a couple more times before gaining the courage to leave. I walked out the door and almost ran into one of the maids. I paused and wondered if she could hear the plug vibrating in my ass before I continued on a few more steps. By the time I made it out the front doors of the hotel I was very turned on. I could feel my panties starting to get soaking wet and I wondered how much longer I could take. I took a few more steps and realized that I wouldn’t be going any further.

I turned quickly and beelined it straight for my hotel room. Once inside the door I could feel my knees buckling as I tried to make it to the bed. I stopped for a moment to reach in my bag and grab my Hitachi Magic Wand. I had such trouble plugging it in, I was very shaky and was aching for that extra intense orgasm that only comes from the Hitachi. Once I reached the bed, I was basically mush. I got onto the bed and quickly turned on the wand, placing it between my legs. Within seconds I was moaning in ecstasy. The combination of vibrations pushed me over the edge in no time. Breathing heavily I turned off the vibrations and fell back from exhaust. I only walked a little bit, but right now I felt as though I had just finished a marathon.



I was excited but at the same time nervous for what the day would bring.  I spent quite a bit of time getting ready for X. I hadn’t seen him in a while and I was looking forward to what the day would hold. I slid on some super cute black boy shorts followed by my brand new gold and black corset that tied in the front.2013-04-10 18.39.56 I fastened the garter belt to my thigh high fishnet stockings and then squirmed into my poofy skirt. After putting on my 5” heels I looked in the mirror and then snapped a photo.

I left the hotel excited for the day. I had just finished a pretty hot anal training session hoping to make the inevitable ass fucking that would ensue later that day run as smooth as possible. I was breathing heavy the whole car ride over to his house. I walked up to his door and rang the bell. My heart began pounding when I heard his hot ass british accent call to me me thru the speaker, “come thru the door, right to the elevator and proceed up to the top floor.”

I almost melted when he opened the door. He told me he had a meeting in a couple hours and that we couldn’t have any fun until after the meeting. I pouted a bit, but didn’t put up too much of a stink. I was excited to see him and any time with him, kinky or not, was a gift. He showed me around his house and I followed like a little puppy. When we got to his room he pulled me close and started kissing me. After a moment he stepped away from me and sat on the bed. “Turn around. Lift up your skirt.” I quickly obeyed. He ordered me across his knee and I couldn’t help the grin from ear to ear as I got into position.

He rubbed my backside gently and I giggled. “What are you laughing at miss insatiable?” I didn’t answer. His hand moved away from my behind and after a moment came powering down. I flinched a little and my shoes started losing their grip on the very slippery wood floors. He swatted at my backside a couple more times, each time I would flinch and the little movement made my feet continue to slip out from under me which made me giggle even more.

“Why. Are. You. Laughing?” Each word was followed by a powerful hand reigning down on my bottom. This again caused the same effect, me flinching causing my legs to slip all the way out, making my legs flail about a little because now I have absolutely no footing, which again made me giggle. “This is not funny. Present yourself to me correctly.” I shuffled my feet to get back into proper position and tried to regain composure. His hand never stopped the rhythm he was irked that I wouldn’t stop laughing and I could feel his anger on my behind.

You are being such a brat today” he mumbled and scratched his nails across my ass. “We’ll need to fix that.” I took a couple deep breaths and tried to get serious. I just couldn’t though. I was so excited to see him and had been looking forward to this spanking so much that I could not take the smile off my face.

Get on your knees” he said in a gentle yet powerful tone. I quickly knelt down in between his legs and stared up at him admiringly as he grabbed a handful of hair with one hand and then slapped me square across the face with his other. My eyes teared up and I fell away from him slightly. Immediately jerking me back into place by my hair, he grabbed my nipple and squeezed. Hard. The smile was no longer on his face or mine. I melted from his touch. I’m powerless in this position and he knows it.

Almost there….

April 13, 2013

I woke up nervous but ready for the day. I only had one day left until I see him. One day until I feel his touch, one day until his discipline molds me to his will, one day until I get to cum for him. I laid in bed for a while thinking of all our wonderful times together. After a bit it was time to get my stuff situated for the drive. It had been way too long since the last time we were together and I was very excited to get on the road.

I drove all day thinking about him. By the time that I reached his city limits I was very horny and dripping wet. I gently traced the outside of my panties and debated if this would be a good idea. I still had about 45 minutes until I arrived and I didn’t want to wait. But I was driving. Hmmm. I put the car on cruise control and said fuck it.

Lifting my left leg, I pulled my panties to the side and gently began to play with my clit. I slid my fingers down and slowly inserted one into my now soaking wet hole. It wasn’t long before another finger slid right in joining the first in happy rhythm.

I gripped the steering wheel tightly with my left hand as I became more and more excited. I was breathing heavy and knew my release would come quick. Within moments I was pushed over the edge, moaning in pure delight I wiggled my fingers around a few more times before pulling them out.

I looked at my very gooey fingers and then around my car to see if there was anything to wipe them off on. Hmmm. Then I thought about X. If he was here he would have made me lick myself clean. I paused for a moments and thought of how pleased he would be before I stuck out my tongue and licked one of my fingers, followed by the other. I then stuck both fingers in my mouth and sucked on them for a few moments then removed them and continued to lick myself clean.